Process Of My Editing Blog Post


Hey lovely people! How was your day? I am little busy to make planning for my study and organizing my notebooks. I am so excited to add a new category to my blog.


Thank you so much, everyone for a positive response to my Instagram story poll when I ask you to read blogging related topics I will post on Sunday. It really means a lot and motivated me to write a more useful post for you all :). I am really excited to write this post, for a very long time.

  1. Once I completed my post then I read the post again and add new words, add new sentences or remove that sentences/ words.
  2. Then I go and check punctuation, grammar, and correction for capital and small letters.
  3. Then I think which sentences to make bold or use different colors to look eye-catchy to that sentences or words.
  4. Lastly but not the least I add pictures where needed in the post.
  5. Then, go to post setting and choose a category, write new tags according to post and then go to schedule or publish.


Yeahhhh!!! we all have a different process for editing blog post. By chance, we have the same process. Share your thoughts let me know in the comments section.

Just believe in yourself, There is no one better.

Talk to me!

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See you in next post! 🙂


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